Our Trusted Partners

Our trusted business partners include:

  • Rhodes Communications, Inc. 
Rhodes Communications was formed in 1983, at a time when the state of the art in office equipment was a self-correcting typewriter, a telephone and a telex machine. The first PCs were just starting to appear, and fax machines were rarely seen. Type was set manually, and page layouts were pasted up on cardboard with overlays. Press releases were mailed with black-and-white glossy photos. A lot has evolved since then, and we've cheerfully embraced those changes through the years. But some things have not changed. We still build our business on old-fashioned virtues of hard work, attention to detail, ethical business practice and an unwavering dedication to client service. The scope of our business is worldwide.

Our clients sell in global markets, and our public relations and marketing programs encompass Africa, Australia, Europe and the Far East, as well as North and South America. We have even staged press conferences from Antarctica and ships at sea. Our special area of expertise is business-to-business marketing for technology accounts in vertical industries, but we have also created successful campaigns in consumer markets. We have supported clients in a wide range of business sectors, including the aerospace, biotechnology, chemical processing, civil engineering, defense, GPS, law enforcement, HVAC, maritime, satellite, surveying, telecommunications and transportation industries. We understand how to combine "push-through" trade marketing with "pull-through" end-user promotions


  • Erkel Associates

Founded over 20 years ago, Erkel Associates' spectrum of services range from print and broadcast advertising, to Internet information solutions, to film and digital video production. Clients include Henkel Harris, a prestigious American furniture manufacturer; Sperry Marine/Northrop Grumman, manufacturers of cutting-edge commercial and military marine products; The Economist, a respected source for news and business information; Lane Furniture, one of the oldest and most respected names in home furnishings in America; SICIS of Italy, USA, the first family of mosaics in the world, American division; the U.S. Government, the National Park Service and the Justice Department. Providing our clients with exceptionally creative and technically astute marketing solutions is our focus. Inspiring their customers to trust in their brand is our highest aim.

  • Blue Ridge Design & Consulting

We use technology, intelligence and creativity to help you build your business and brand in the digital medium. We’ve been solving old problems with new solutions for our clients big and small. From Brick-to-Click concepts enabling traditional styled businesses to operate on today’s Internet to pure web-based industry accessing millions of potential customers. Simple Solutions, Direct Impact, Performance and Results in the focused areas of Business Consultation, Reporting & Analytics, Performance Management, Change Management, Web Consulting, and Intellectual Property Advising.