Product Management/Marketing Plans

The essential goal of product management should be to ensure that a product is built that delivers some business value to a specific set of customers. The business value should meet certain financial goals based upon a defined corporate strategy. We will help you in creating a product plan and roadmap that increases that product’s effectiveness and meets your short- and long-term business goals. 

A critical component toward business success is the marketing plan. This plan should outline the specific actions you intend to carry out to interest potential customers in your product and/or services and persuade them to buy your offering. We have a proven track record of helping companies in formulating innovative and performance-based marketing plans that work.


Our services at a glance:

  • Competitive Landscape & Technology Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Defining Customer Value Propositions
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Blue Ocean Strategy Workshop
  • Innovation Concepts
  • Develop Market Requirements Documents (MRD)
  • Product Roadmap Formulation
  • Launch Plan Development
  • Marketing Communication Plans
  • Customer Presentations
  • Sales Training
  • Customer Seminars / Workshops
  • Technical Support

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